Wasp Removal

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Wasp Nest Removal in Wakefield

Wakefield Pest Controllers operates a wasp nest removal service 7 days a week. We provide a safe, clean and effective wasp nest removal and wasp nest destruction service to domestic and commercial customers.

Be Cautious near and active wasp nest

Wasp stings can be dangerous, even life threatening. It is very important that you don’t approach an active wasp nest without specialist training, equipment and professional wasp nest insecticide.


Disturbing a wasp nest agitates the wasps and this can lead to an attack which can have serious consequences for anybody nearby. Our technician is fully trained and able to deal with all wasp nests in a safe and controlled method.

Guaranteed wasp nest destruction

In the unlikely event the first treatment doesn’t get rid of your wasp problem, we’ll treat it again free of charge. We’re also the cheapest wasp nest removal company in Wakefield.