Rat Removal

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Rat control in Wakefield.
Rats will thrive anywhere they can find some shelter and a good food supply. The old say “breeding like rabbits” could describe how rats reproduce, which is at a phenomenal rate of speed.

Rats carry several diseases harmful to man. (The plague in 1665/1666 was luckily wiped out by the Great Fire of London and was caused by rats carrying diseases from a very poor sewage system.) They also have a habit of giving a nasty bite when cornered.
• Rats carry disease.
• Rats cause damage to your property.
• Rats are more active at night.
• Rats droppings carry disease.
• Rats can cause house fires because they chew through electrical cables.
• Rats leave a strong urine odour, rat urine carries disease.
• The teeth of a rat are strong enough to bite though, wood, aluminium and would you believe concrete and house brick?
Signs that you may have a rat infestation include rat droppings, these look like small raisins. Rat urine is very distinctive, so if you find droppings, you may find the odour in tow. “Grease” marks from the rats moving near windows and doors, shiny marks in windows etc.

If you think you have a rat infestation in wakefield it’s recommended that you call us immediately on 07834 486966. We offer low cost rat infestation treatments in Wakefield. Remember. Rat problems don’t go away on there own. Get a professional to do the job properly.

We also offer mice, squirrel and other vermin control such as moles and badger. Rat exterminators in Wakefield