Insect Control

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Insect Control in Wakefield.

Not all insects are bad. Some pollinate plants which give us food, some clean up refuse we leave around before it gets to become an health issue to us. Some become Insect Infestations in Wakefield.


However, some insects annoy, some hurt and some can cause serious harm, even death. (Bee Sting allergy anyone?)


Such pests include:

  • Common Wasp Nest Removal in Wakefield
  • Bee infestations 
  • Black Ant Infestations
  • Red Ant Infestations
  • Housefly Infestations
  • Dog Flea Infestations
  • Cat Flea and Cat Flea Infestations
  • Termites and Termite Infestations
  • Cockroachand Cockroach Infestations
  • Clothes and Carpet Moths
  • Louse and Lice Infestations
  • Woodlice and Woodlice Infestations

Over the years we’ve seen some of the insects above cause serious threats to health, safety and damage to property. We offer a the cheapest, most professional and most affordable treatments to insect eradication in Wakefield.


From wasp nests to ant infestations, sometimes it’s difficult to make the problem go away. Call in the professionals on 07834 486966  for informal advice and let us help.