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Bird Control in Wakefield.

When bird infestations in Wakefield lead to fouling in stairs and on pavements, it not only looks unsightly it can also be the cause of slips and falls. Also, birds nesting in an area and the droppings coming from those nests can provide a breeding ground for bugs, insects and germs.


Bird fouling can also cause damage and stain brickwork due to the high concentration of acid in their droppings. These droppings can also cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to the paintwork of your car.


Diseases that have links to bird droppings include:

·         Ornithosis. This is a flu like disease most commonly found in pigeon droppings. The bacteria lives in the stomach of infected birds and are passed out in the faeces, eye and nasal secretions. The symptoms of ornithosis are more like pneumonia than flu.

·         Chlamydia Psittaci. This can be picked up by humans through the breathing in of faecal dust or through infected feathers, dead bird carcasses or birds nests. The organism behind the disease becomes less infectious over time, therefore, active areas with live birds become the greatest risks to humans. With early diagnosis the disease can be treated with a course of anti biotics, however, if allowed to develop as miss diagnosed it can become serious leading to hospitalisation or in some cases, death. Yes, it’s that serious.

·         Salmonella. This disease is present in most pest birds. Moreover, feral pigeons and starlings. Birds have also been known to contaminate water sources, so should be considered a serious health risk at food premises who have an infestation.