Bed Bugs

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Bed Bug Control in Wakefield.

Adult Bed Bugs resemble small round discs about the size of a match head. They are about 3.5 mm long and have well developed legs that enable them to be able to crawl up pretty much any vertical surface. Luckily, they are wingless.

In recent years there’s been a large increase in bed bug infestations and these are usually found in multi occupancy residences such as hotels, hostels, holiday camps and flats. These are easily picked up and can survive for long periods without feeding, hence ending up in your bed after a holiday or other stay away from home.


The females can produce a couple of eggs every single day throughout their life, which can be as long as as 9-12 months. The eggs are cemented into cracks or crevices close to the bed bugs hosts, there is no larval stage and the young hatch as nymphs, tiny versions of the adult.


Bed Bugs produce a characteristic very unpleasant smell.


·         There are 5 nymphal stages before the bugs reach adulthood, each requires a full meal of blood.

·         Bedbugs can endure starvation for several months in an infested room.

·         They can live under wallpaper, in furniture and joinery.

·         They mostly emerge at night to feed.

·         Their bite can cause infection, secondary infection, allergies and in some case anaemia because they feed on the hosts blood system.

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