Ant removal

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Ant Removal in Wakefield

Ants are very social insects and are related to wasps and bees. This happened over 130 million years ago, when they lost their wings.


Did you know there are more than 22,000 species of ant?


They can be identified by their antennae. Ants form colonies that can range in size from a few dozen to multi millions. Ants are organised in these colonies with workers and soldiers who all work together to form a very successful entity working for the Queen and to support the colony within ant nests.


The ants ability to exploit resources brings ants into conflict with humans and as we know they can damage crops, gardens and damage buildings.


At Wakefield Pest Controllers we offer same day ant removal services. We also use various methods in ant control and and ant prevention.


We use the latest chemical and we will talk you through the whole process and advise how to deter ants from your home or business in the future.